Quick insights

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Self-service BI
  • Always compatible with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Smart inventory / purchase
  • Used throughout the whole organization

We are now continuously aware of certain loadings in the warehouse. We also receive tens of thousands of pallets a year here. Those have all kinds of different widths and depths. That constantly provides estimates. We have given our warehouse managers the tools to do their jobs better. That includes using their own insight, backed up with relevant information.

Why did you choose BIRDS?

DO-IT has been using Microsoft Navision as its ERP solution for more than 10 years. The reports that came out of that were just flat reports. When we started looking for a new ERP version, we wanted to get rid of the customization we had been stuck in up to that point and we also wanted to include the Data Warehouse we had already built up. We then looked for a supplier that was close to the ERP supplier in terms of data structure. Because BIRDS uses 100% Microsoft BI tooling, the choice was quickly made.

"Dynamics is our key ERP system. As BIRDS uses 100% Microsoft BI-tooling we made up our mind quickly."

Birds for Dynamics NAV

What improvements are noticeable through BI?

We see significant improvements in two areas. The information that procurement and sales uses to make its decisions and assess cases is better. That involves information from suppliers and other industry-related information. In addition, the manageability of our warehouse has improved a lot. We want to be able to look at a certain fact from multiple angles. For one, this is relevant and for another, that is relevant. That's where BI helps us a lot.

How does DO-IT work with BI from BIRDS?

You see that the need for good information is increasing in every department and in every role. For example, BI is used during the weekly marketing meeting, but people in sales and purchasing also use BI to gain more insight into current affairs. It's about detailed and relevant information that we have available for every user.


How did the process go with BIRDS?

BIRDS has helped us enormously. We had no experience with BI. Together with BIRDS we set up a tool that is usable for everyone. We wanted a fast and agile solution that we could manage ourselves. They explained to us the difference between flat reports and Business Intelligence. We can now look at our data on a different level. Like country distributions linked to salespeople.


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