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  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • P&L available with a push of a button
  • ROI on marketing
  • Grip on growth
  • Direct insights in costs per article

Tony's is a rapidly growing company. In order to be able to continue this growth, the flat data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV was no longer enough. In order to be able to make well-founded choices, we therefore chose to work with a Business Intelligence solution. We wanted to be able to make cross-sections more quickly and obtain better management information.

What do you use Business Intelligence for?

We use BIRDS for all disciplines within Tony's. It's particularly nice for Finance related issues. I use it for the month-end closing, P&L and, for example, extracting the balance sheet from the system. Sales also gets a lot out of the solution. For example, we can now make gross margin analyses quickly and easily. But Supply Chain is also increasingly working with BI to make good cross-sections and view stock levels.

"BIRDS helped us gain insight into data where Microsoft Dynamics fell short"

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Were there any challenges during the implementation?

We weren't really worried that getting the BI tool to work would be difficult. We did see the connection with our infrastructure in the Cloud as a challenge. Through a sort of SCRUM session, we looked at what needed to be done to ensure that the BIRDS "Out-of-the-box" solution would work within our existing solutions in the Cloud. BIRDS and our Cloud partner SaaSplaza came up with a great solution for that.

How is Business Intelligence supporting your growth?

We are a fairly young company, we have been around for 10 years now and as of last year we are also active in the United States. In Portland in the state of Oregon to be exact. The BI tool is essential for us to be able to monitor well there as well. Good sales analyses in particular help us to see whether our marketing activities are producing the desired returns. We can't get that from the existing NAV environment, we really need a good BI solution.

How did the process go together with BIRDS?

Tony's Chocolonely is a young and ambitious company. We are 'Crazy about chocolate, serious about people'. We are not only that towards the farmers in West Africa we work with, but also towards our own people. They are used to working with good tooling. They work fast and efficiently. The way we worked with BIRDS completely fit into that picture. The consultants who came over spoke the language of our company and had a good sense of how to implement the tooling and give us the tools to work with it.

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